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Breakthrough Beauty Brands

Breakthrough Beauty Brands

A beauty purchase is one of the most personal ones you make. It’s supposed to be about what makes you feel good, be confident and walk with your head held high.

Ironically, though, as an industry, beauty – until just a few years ago – was one of the most distant from its consumer.

Products often were made months and years in advance, and were probably conceptualized in a marketer’s office in an ivory tower and then developed in a sterile laboratory.

There are new, breakthrough beauty brands turning this model on its head!

One of the leads in the industry with its current consumer-centric mindset is Glossier. The founder of Glossier, Emily Weiss, started off on the other side: She was a blogger (of Into the Gloss fame) who took to task all the beauty brands that promoted unrealistic ideals and ineffective solutions. In 2014, after a few years of using her digital megaphone to call for a more user-friendly approach, she decided to just do it herself.

She launched with a fast-to-market strategy, digesting comments from her fans and consumers on social media and packaging them up in new products as quickly as you could say “viral.” But I bet even Emily couldn’t imagine the scope of what she started. Now consumers are rightfully asking for beauty items that suit their lives – their lifestyles. There are those who care most about healthy ingredients, and those who care more about ethical production.

"Our core value that really permeates everything we do, and I think that our community would echo back to us, is how inclusive Glossier is, and beauty historically, and in many ways fashion, has been built around exclusivity," Weiss told CNN earlier this year.

In the same spirit, you now have Milk, BeautyCounter and KIERIN NYC.

Keep a look out for these new brands using technology to fuel personalization or who appeal to people who don’t want to be labelled. You can get the full Glossier experience at it's "Most Instagram-able Showroom in SoHo", a real fun house of beauty! Check them out on weekdays because the weekends are really packed. 

Thankfully, we are entering into an era where personal and accessible beauty is where it’s at. I hope it not only stays that way as technology becomes more responsive and consumers become more savvy and realize they’re the ones with the power now... but that it grows and expands.

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