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Fanny Pack Revenge: a trend that won't end?

Fanny Pack Revenge: a trend that won't end?

A 2017 head fake, a mistake? But no! They are back and with a fever! The fanny pack is here to stay. It's the trend that just won't end. One man’s hot, must-have accessory for 2018 is another man’s tacky, tourist fanny pack, I guess.

Does the difference lay so much with design as it does attitude?

Gucci calls them “belt bags,” while at LL Bean, they’re “waist packs.” If you’re British, they’re “bum bags.” But they really are all relatively small purses our pouches that are belted around the waist to leave your hands free. The days of leaving a bag behind on the subway or on the back of a chair at Starbucks would be over, and they eliminate a big question mark that hangs over a lot of people contemplating a Citi Bike. Sounds like a good idea, right? What?

They’ve gotten a recent seal of approval from Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch and Rihanna. They’re for women and men, in the finest Italian leather and the most rugged nylon.  

Is this just a piece of history we must accept or are the designers are messing with us?

The idea of these bags isn't new. It wasn't totally new in the 1960s and 70s, when they caught on with outdoorsy skiers and hikers. These bags have probably been around since humans adopted a mobile life and needed their hands free to trek terrain and to keep their valuables close.

In the 80s, the fanny pack was part of a cool streetwear outfit and complemented the new neon fitness movement. It seemed like they were everywhere – and that probably was part of the problem.

By the 1990s and early 2000s, maybe only Midwestern moms visiting the `Today’ set at Rockefeller Center didn’t get the memo that they were passe … and maybe not the most flattering of silhouettes. Since then, these bags have had a rough time in the court of fashion public opinion. Which makes one wonder if, now that they are 'back' in the future of style, this is just designer consumer envy and revenge? 

What is it about the fanny pack that this trend just won't end?

What brings them back now – other than the whole your-hands-are-free-and-you-won’t-lose your bag thing? Kendall Jenner and her posse of fashion-forward friends, make anything look good, that’s what. Their unapologetic approach to the fanny pack means they stand tall, draw attention to their lithe shapes and have two hands to wave at the paparazzi cameras.

Any other reason than that? Manhattan Minds is seeking answers. If you have thoughts or opinions on this topic... or can enlighten fellow Manhattan Minds on why this trend won't end... please comment (below) and let us know. You can tag us at #ManhattanMinds and share @ManhattanMinds on Instagram. Inquiring minds want to know!

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