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Mona Maine de Biran, Founder & Community Curator

Mona Maine de Biran is a former international model and champion of the TV talent show Star Search, an entrepreneur, and investor. As a model, she appeared in television commercials and high fashion magazines, from Greek Elle to Australian Vogue modeling for Ford and Elite Models. Mona is incredibly invested in global diversity, having taught herself to be fluent in French, Spanish, Italian with even some knowledge of Greek and Japanese. Following a successful modeling career, Mona returned to live in NYC to pursue a career in investment, management and publishing. She acted as the Executive Vice President of Niche Media, publishers of the popular local magazines, Gotham and Hampton. And is the co-founder of a modern NYC-centric niche-fragrance brand, KIERIN NYC.

Mona loves Manhattan, sharing her interests and love of the city with others, mobilizing people and spending time with her friends and family. 

Mona Maine de Biran~

Beauty & Wellness

Julia Flaherty is a passionate and experienced writer, art and beauty supporter and health advocate and the founder of She is especially passionate about contributing her voice to the T1D community and aspires to direct positive change through a meaningful career.

Julia enjoys traveling, fashion, learning about new natural beauty products and is an unexpected cat mom. Julia is an independent, driven and caring go-getter. She thoroughly believes you can earn anything through hard work and carries herself on a foundational motto that if you believe in something enough, you can make it happen. She believes the present holds unlimited potential for exploration, growth, development, learning, creativity, happiness, love, and life.

Art & Fashion

Elizabeth Hazard is a creative producer and writer with a great interest in art and fashion. She has directed photo shoots and editorial stories for magazines and brands. She has a great interest in fashion, history, art and culture; which she explores in her writing. Her love of Manhattan was sparked at a young age on trips into the city, where she delighted in the sparkling street lights. The city streets still hold the same sparkle for her after all these years.