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Mona Maine de Biran, Community Curator, Blogger & Founder

Mona Maine de Biran is both the community curator and blogger-in-chief with an interest in the subjects she explores in her writing— art, beauty, fashion, trends and New York City life. The founder of MANHATTAN MINDS, Mona, is also the co-founder of KIERIN NYC — a house that challenges the conventional rules of fragrance.

A former Model and Champion of the TV talent show Star Search, Mona appeared in television commercials and magazines around the world before going behind the scenes; serving as Executive Vice President for New York’s Gotham Magazine and Hamptons Magazine followed by NY-based, East Coast Director for the largest local publication in America, Texas Monthly.

Sharing her love for the city with others gives Mona pleasure. A proud and devoted mother of two, Mona is a ‘people person’ fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, English and knows just enough Greek and Japanese to garner a hearty laugh.

Mona is a fierce advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion. She also believes in food movements such as Slow Food, Local Food and Livable Future.

Julia Flaherty, Beauty & Wellness Blogger

Julia Flaherty is an experienced writer of art, beauty and a health advocate. She enjoys traveling, fashion, learning about new natural beauty products and is an unexpected cat mom. Julia thoroughly believes you can earn anything through hard work and carries herself on a foundational motto that if you believe in something enough, you can make it happen.

Julia is passionate about advocating for the T1D Community (Type One Diabetes).

Elizabeth Hazard, Art & Lifestyle Blogger

Elizabeth Hazard is a creative producer and writer with a great interest in art , fashion, history and culture; which she explores in her writing. She directs photo shoots and editorial stories for magazines and brands. Her love of Manhattan was sparked at a young age on trips into the city, where she delighted in the sparkling street lights. The city streets still hold the same sparkle for her after all these years.

Elizabeth is inspired by literature and photography and advocates for women’s issues.

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