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Recording Artist, CARSON, TALKS: on Music and Performance

At just 22 years old, recording artist and producer CARSON is wise beyond his years. Confident, talented, and grateful for all he’s achieved, the musician is set to take the stage at The Bowery Electric on April 9. Elizabeth Hazard interviews Carson for blog Manhattan Minds is an inspired blog founded by Mona Maine de Biran on New York City Art, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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Instagram Sensation, Mr. Cologne TALKS: on Fragrance & Family

Where fragrance meets art. Celebrated Instagram fragrance reviewer Mr. Cologne talks with Mona Maine de Biran of Manhattan Minds. Mr. Cologne is the largest Instagram fragrance forum for “Ordinary people discovering extraordinary fragrances”. He seeks out and explores the qualities of niche brands like: KIERIN NYC, Imaginary Authors, Byron Parfums and dozens of other leading niche fragrance houses.