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Artist Ping Hatta TALKS: Where Street Art and Illustration Meet

Artist Ping Hatta TALKS: Where Street Art and Illustration Meet

I recently discovered a young, emerging artist who I admire for her spirit, style and artistic talent. Her name is Ping Hatta, a NYC resident originally from Thailand. Based on her creations and Vogue interview it would be no secret to describe her as a bold, creative feminist and lover of gorgeously fat cats.

What I like most about Ping’s work is that it touches on diversity in beauty and representing different ethnicity and body types in the fashion world.

Until discovering Ping’s work, I had never been interested in fashion illustration. Like many people, when I would think of fashion illustration it would conjure up images of tall, long-legged, skinny models strutting the runway or posing for the designer a la Dior or Chanel. And, though an international model once myself, I have never been inspired by such stereotypes. Because of my profession, I had the inside knowledge to see them as unrepresentative of even that narrow reality and simply could not relate.

Typically, fashion illustrations have an exclusionary perspective which denies the reality of women, their differences and the beauty of those differences.

Ping’s work is different, however. While whimsical with bright colors, it revolves around full-figured women of different ethnicities lounging among backgrounds of pink, teal, orange skies and landscapes. I like how her fashionistas send a positive message of being beautiful in their own ways. Ping’s subjects exude the airs of confident, poised women who are neither fragile nor arrogant. The illustrations show women feeling beautiful and at ease without having to compromise with a limited beauty standard.

Curious to learn more about the philosophy behind Ping’s work, I met with her for a coffee. About a recent project Ping worked on with Lorette, a lingerie company, she said:

“I am inspired by fashion, travel, and culture. My works are about using art as escapism while representing beauty in diversity and body positivity. My style has always been about irony. I've always drawn to the dichotomies: between contemporary street-art versus impressionism, between soft shapes and strong, loud colors. I find the two opposites intriguing, odd, and somehow, they can coexist together. I work across different mediums from gouache, textiles, linocut printmaking, and my recent favorite: pastels.”

Though Ping Hatta mostly works directly with her clients, her work is also on display to the public at River City Bangkok in Thailand (for those New Yorkers who happen to be traveling). As TimeOut NY reported, her exhibit Wandering Mind was so successful it was extended to September 30th, 2019 and is described as: “Exploring daydreaming, enchanted places, and womanhood. Inspired by the motto ‘Live well, travel far,’ the beauty of exotic places Ping envisioned, make her paintings into a private visual wish list of travel destinations.”

I expect it will be no time before her work hits the galleries of New York; and am glad to have discovered this new New York artist on the ground floor. You can discover Ping Hatta’s art online, sporadically on the streets and through special events.

At one such event, a recent KIERIN NYC event mid-town, Ping graced me with several portraits. Illustrating me as subject in theme to each of KIERIN NYC’s real New York City stories: Sunday Brunch, 10 am Flirt, Santal Sky and Nitro Noir. My favorite is shown here where I am in the theme of one of my favorite KIERIN NYC fragrances, Nitro Noir. You can find the others in our Inspiration Gallery.

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