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Art for All: NYC-Artist, Bianca Romero

Art for All: NYC-Artist, Bianca Romero

If you love street-art and have a penchant for what’s new and trending, then you’ll not want to miss this event. Throughout the month of June, NYC-artist Bianca Romero is partnering with Effen Vodka on “Art Ambush”, a pop-up event series featuring a rotating roster of New York City's most influential street artists including Crash, Sen 2 Figueroa, Vers718, Eric Inkala, Keli Lucas, Lexi Bella, Cern, OG Millie, Turtle Caps, and Bianca herself.

I admire Bianca’s own blend of vibrant potpourri of wheatpaste, acrylics, typography, and miscellaneous textures, which conceptualizes her painterly collages as a literal metaphor for personal identity and speaks to the idea that all individuals are a byproduct of our singular lived experiences, relationships, and environments.

Not a visual artist myself, my deepest appreciations for art revolve around story-telling concepts and abstract constructs better described by poetry. That’s just how I roll. I’m an ally to art that speaks in the intuitive, non-literal languages of sign, design, composition, geometry and form. Yet, even if I could afford it, you wouldn’t find any Delaunay, Malevich or Mondrian’s hanging on my walls.

My personal obsession is not with personal possession, which makes the free spirited nature of street-art just my style. It’s not my art, nor yours. It’s art for all. Existing (at least initially) for the purest of purposes. Until recently, not the kind of art popular with people who are collectors— who worship credentials and are incapable of perceiving the true value of that which paper, power and position cannot acquire.

Street-art is about experiences and expression. Asking, emoting, and raising questions is something which I live for. Street artist not only observe. They listen. And, in return, give us something to see, hear and think about amidst the protests and battlecries. I enjoy the challenging of societal assumptions, norms and conventions, even when I don’t agree with them.

That some of the most inspired and woke works of this art rests in the hands of a few is regrettable. Most tucked away in vaults as stores of value on a line sheet, an alternative coin to diversify a portfolio. Great art is abused which is not admired, shared and pondered.

Bianca is obviously passionate about creating opportunities for fellow multi-disciplinary artists to express and share their very public works through the development of unusual curatorial projects and brand activations. She has an extensive background in experiential marketing and event production and her most recent works include two new mural installations for the William Vale Hotel rooftop and the Legion Lighting Factory.

I can’t wait to see what Bianca will do next. I hear its a 3rd large-scale mural she’ll start later this month and will let you know where to go, if you follow Manhattan Minds.

Until then, you can join us in celebration of NY PRIDE, Warehouse Wines is hosting Art Ambush! An event featuring New York City street artists. Guests can meet the artist in person and purchase a one-of-a-kind EFFEN Vodka Bottle live-painted and signed at the store.

 Art Ambush is featuring New York City’s finest street artists.
Complimentary EFFEN Vodka drinks and live DJs sets by Robi D Light & Stef Nava  

735 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT)

And learn more about Bianca and her work in Left Bank Magazine feature in “Seen”, the Culture LP’s Around the World in 60 Days, Spoiled NYC’s article Bianca Romero a Woman Who Paints Through Walls, This Bushwick Mixed Media Muralist is No Starving Street Artist, in Create Magazine and by visiting her instagram page.

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Photo Credit: Photographs by Bianca Romero

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