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ÇaFleureBon Profiles In American Perfumery: Mona Maine de Biran of KIERIN NYC

ÇaFleureBon Profiles In American Perfumery: Mona Maine de Biran of KIERIN NYC

Hi all! Thanks for popping in as I simply re-share some flattering news here. Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed by Michelyn Camen of CaFleureBon who wrote a feature article on my journey to perfumery. It is a rather long piece but I wanted to share a snippet of it here on my own blog (there is a link below to read the full article on CaFleurBon’s website, as well):

Profiles in American Perfumery: Mona Maine de Biran of KIERIN NYC.

Profile: My passion for perfumes came to me later in life, though I’ve always been emotionally touched by scent. Two of my earliest scent memories are of fascination, the smell of freshly spritzed Chanel No. 5 co-mingled with that of patchouli incense hovering in the air around my mother as she prepared for a night out, and the scent of comfort wafting into my room in the morning, aromas from a distant kitchen of freshly made southern biscuits, cherry pie and Halston cologne. My experience of perfume has rarely been pure, always tainted by the place in which it was experienced.

It took years for me to realize fragrance lived in the moment, not just in a bottle, and was meant for more for than just sniffing. I credit my husband, a veteran in the beauty and fragrance industry, for exposing me to this awareness.  Whether consciously or subliminally detected, scent has a primal ability to move people’s moods and leave an imprint on both the individual and, by consequence, the world.

My passion for perfumes was born when I became aware of scent’s ability to deeply connect person-to-self and people-to-people. Perfumes weren’t just precious things in pretty bottles. I fell in love with niche-fragrance for its uniqueness and talent for wordlessly communicating a whole scenario or state of being within the individual…..

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ÇaFleureBon has been awarded three Perfumed Plumes for Fragrance Journalism and a Fragrance Foundation award for Editorial Excellence. ÇaFleureBon posts perfume reviews,coverage of international beauty and scent events, news within the fragrance industry, educational information on raw materials and ingredients,  workshops, as well as articles on the roles of creative directorsartisans and retailers in the fragrance ecosystem. She is well known for her in-depth and intimate interviews with independent, emerging and established perfumers and influencers.  

The ÇaFleureBon Profiles in American Perfumery Series has been instrumental in bringing world attention to over 140 American perfumers. The series helped put American perfumery on the contemporary Olfactive Map; with its first profile posted July 4, 2011. Most have been first exposure to a global audience.

A native New Yorker, Michelyn Camen is an award-winning executive for media, public relations, music, fashion and beauty companies. In addition to navigating and elevating Ç above the noise and clutter of social media, Michelyn is a marketing consultant for American niche boutique owners, e-retailers (formerly the publicist for and for Twisted Lily) as well as distributors. She is a sought after panelist, thought leader and speaker who has been featured in Forbes, New York Magazine, Brandweek and Ad Age magazines. Michelyn continues to write on perfumery, style, beauty and pop culture for various online fragrance and beauty sites.

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INVITATION: Marco Santini Solo Exhibit

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