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Delphine Diallo: Flora, Fauna and Forms

Delphine Diallo: Flora, Fauna and Forms

Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese artist Delphine Diallo presents her solo exhibition, which debuts this week at The Quin Central Park by Hilton Club. The exhibit highlights Diallo's beautiful and powerful portrait photography the artist has taken throughout her international travels.

As an artist who strives to empower activism, especially in women, she captures beauty, youth, minorities and nature through her photography.

This marks the first exhibit of the year for Quin Arts, an organization showcasing cultural exhibits in the hotel's lobby throughout the year. Diallo’s showcase is the first of four exhibits focused on the work of female artists that the organization will present this year.

“We’re setting out to present engaging art- not to make a social statement - but I”m pleased that we’ll present an entire year’s worth of programming devoted to superbly talented women at a time when gallery exhibitions remain dominated by male artists,” says Quin Arts curator DK Johnston.

This is one powerful showcase not to be missed. Through a combination of mixed media, Diallo uses her artwork to empower women, youth and minorities. The subjects in her work are far from powerless, yet strong, independent and fearless.

The exhibition is up through early May, 2019 and is free to the public, on view in the lobby and public areas of The Quin Central Park by Hilton Club, with details at Follow this artist on Instagram @delphinediallo.

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Author: Elizabeth Hazard

Elizabeth Hazard is a creative director, producer and writer with several years of experience producing content for magazines, websites, brands and artists. Liz has worked with some of the most accomplished talents in the industry to conceive, develop and produce photos, videos and written work. A published author, she frequently writes about fashion, art and cultural topics for websites and publications. She also holds a certificate in curating from Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Germany.

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