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Doing Lines with David Craig Ellis 

Doing Lines with David Craig Ellis 

It’s obvious to note that David Craig Ellis is a talent well beyond one form of art. Designer. Musician. Actor. Painter. Photographer. Writer. This article would go on for far too long if we listed all of his accomplishments.

In short, the man is in fact the quintessential modern renaissance man.

Over the years Ellis has used many different forms of expressing his own creativity. He has painted logos for some well-established brands and collaborated on projects with designers. He has acted in some roles other actors would covet. He was written quite a bit and self-published his own book of artwork entitled “Doing Lines with David Craig Ellis.” 

The list of artists he has worked with reads like a true Who’s Who of the creative industry.

Many famous artists have produced and recorded in studios that Ellis himself designed. That seems about right for the guy who helped create the ‘90s music scene in the Lower East Side of New York City. With the launch of the underground Ellis Studio/Gallery at 68 Jay Street in Brooklyn, Ellis is hoping to blend his passion for music and art, all while connecting with others. 

“DUMBO is exploding with music and art. Opening my doors for the First Thursday Gallery Walk each month allows me to connect with endless amounts of creative people that I would not have met otherwise.”

And there’s no secret as to why the gallery is going to be such a hit. ELLIS Studio/Gallery is in fact the biggest gallery in Brooklyn that features “Outsider Art” and “Street Art.” For an artist who loves to meld together many different forms of art, this is no surprise. 

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Author: Elizabeth Hazard

Elizabeth Hazard is a creative director, producer and writer with several years of experience producing content for magazines, websites, brands and artists. Liz has worked with some of the most accomplished talents in the industry to conceive, develop and produce photos, videos and written work. A published author, she frequently writes about fashion, art and cultural topics for websites and publications. She also holds a certificate in curating from Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Germany.

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