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Advice Sisters TALK on: Fragrance Meets ART

Advice Sisters TALK on: Fragrance Meets ART

Alison Blackman of shares her thoughts and impressions of new, NYC-centric perfumer- KIERIN NYC.

KIERIN NYC’s “genderless fragrances invite people  “to be inspired, not defined or confined, by fragrance.” 

There are 4 fragrances:  Sunday Brunch, Nitro Noir, Santal Sky and 10 am Flirt.

Each bottle features “art” in the shape of a bright graphic design on a paper label affixed onto a pristine white bottle that looks like it could have been street art plastered on a wall somewhere.

If minimalism is your thing, however, turn the bottle around and find the small square, “KNYC” logo in black on two otherwise unadorned sides.


Each of the fragrances has a story that you can “play” computer-generated female voice (in English or French) on the KIERIN NYC website.

Nice to know that these fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free, no toxins and free of skin allergens, parabens, and phthalates. Of course, the products are made from sustainable materials.


Maybe, but not just for the hipper, younger (but still savvy) fragrance consumer. These scents are the kind you won’t find them on every person as you might with a department store brand,

Truly, KIERIN NYC has arms open to everyone regardless of age or gender. It’s billed as the first and only niche-fragrance to express a modern, urban lifestyle celebrating real New York City stories. The collection dedicated to gender-all, inclusive, clean, conscious, cruelty-free, vegan perfumes.

(Read Full Article with a review on each fragrance on Advice Sisters… here)

The Bottom Line:

KEIRIN NYC is a newcomer to the fragrance arena, but it is turning heads (and noses)  for a city-chic vibe that offers scents that make you stand out as the individual you want to be.

You don’t have to be a New Yorker to want and LOVE these fragrances. If you’re not sure which one you want (I loved them all) you can get a discovery set with little vials of all four ($18)

Each 1.7 oz. spray bottle is $78 which I think is really a bargain for these quality fragrances. Note too, the Eau de Parfum fragrances have a 20% fragrance concentrations so your bottle will last…a while!

Visit the fun KIERIN NYC website to learn more:


Author: Alison Blackman

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