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New York Fashion Week of Beauty, Color & Lace Tattoos

New York Fashion Week of Beauty, Color & Lace Tattoos

Much of the news to come out of New York Fashion Week was the return of the lady. This is a lady who has lunch at a farm-to-table, ethnic-mashup counter on the far west and east edges of the city, though, and not the white-glove Midtown brasserie.

Fashion brands such as Oscar de la RentaCarolina Herrera and Escada, which have long been associated with polish and sophistication came out roaring with new designers, who all seemed to share an ethos with their founders – but they put their clothes squarely in today. Yet, most of the trends were 90 percent expected or at least safe. 

About 10 percent were looks that have not been worn before— with a strong trend in bold prints, stripes and neon multi-textured fabrics.

Some of my personal favorite examples were foretold in the street style of celebs and influencers attending the shows, like beauty Kelly Rowland and her multicolored striped sweater dress, the sublime Caroline Daur in her neon windbreaker and the recently controversial, yet still, inspirational Kendal Jenner in her vintage-T and red leopard pants.

The beauty looks to be worn with these clothes were similar in spirit: some twists on a classic look with a few strikingly fresh and rebellious. You could tell there must have been some tussling and fun happening backstage with the makeup artists and models. 

And why not? It’s beauty – try it, love it and take it off.  And definitely add your own spin.

Unlike turning up at the same place as someone else in the same dress deemed a must-have this season, no two lips ever look alike. Here are some new beauty looks from this year’s New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2018 that caught my fancy. I’ll be covering each in more detail in my next blogs. (So, sign-up to get my blog direct to your in-box! And follow @ManhattanMinds on Instagram for more on NYC art, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, trends and to-dos.

Temporary lace tattoos were perfect for a next-gen Grace Kellys– checking all the right boxes. They weren’t on bulging biceps or across the back, they were in more sensual spots such as the décolletage or even at one show on the models’ thighs. The removable thing means no long-term commitment.

Naughty but nice. Dainty and elegant, literally works of art, temporary lace tattoos had pop-culture credentials.

Look-at-me primary colors were the statement piece on so many of the catwalks. Bold and beautiful hues of blue, red and yellow were used unabashedly. There wasn’t the rule of emphasizing just the eyes or just the lips. This is full-face artistry. Think David Bowie as Aladdin Sane. (Neon hair extensions were a thing, too.)

The perfect mate in fragrance for this years’ style is KIERIN NYC with its premium eau de parfums, neon, bold and colorful collection. (click here to experience their stylish scent vibes on Instagram) 

Forget bedhead, it was a much more active look making the waves. It was as if the models came from the gym or even the pool. There was ease and movement that was all probably very complicated to do, but at home it seems like this could be done with a healthy jog instead of a flat iron. Or just wear the low loose braid that was also a trend, and take it a few hours later and you’ve faked it.

But the real showstopper at more than one show was the nail art

No judgment if you thought the trend was over, but glittery glam manicures – seemingly one after another – made the convincing case that this look found new life. Sparkles, sequins, whatever you want; it was anything goes.

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