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Donnatella Versace's Supermodel Tribute

Donnatella Versace's Supermodel Tribute

At 51, 49 and 47 respectively, it is certainly a rarity (and delight) to see Cindy Crawford, Carla Bruni and Naomi Campbell in any setting let alone on a runway. Together with Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen, these iconic supermodels marked a tribute to the designer's late brother Gianni Versace on the 20th anniversary of his death by closing Donnatella Versace's #SPRING2018 fashion show.

Known mostly by their first names- Cindy, Carla, Naomi, Claudia and Helena-- these women are certainly no worse for the wear since the '90's. Stunning and svelt, the supers were reveled to the audience wearing the lamé dresses that Versace made famous. After striking a pose on cubes at the start of the catwalk as Donatella took her bow, the women all walked the length of the runway together receiving cheering applause and a standing ovation from guests. 

But just what or who was the crowd cheering so wildly for? 

No denying that this collection's clothing itself was remarkable. Full of the lush, bedazelled prints Versace is known for, including a collage of Andy Warhol's famous Marilyn Monroe portraits, the signature of Gianni's original work was everywhere. However, what was also clear to any intelligent observer was that this tremendous outpouring of affection was not just for the designer and her belated brother.

The supermodels themselves, who all wore their age and beauty with such memorable style, were a highlight of the show. And not just for their beauty and star power. 

The presence of gorgeous stars with gravitas to back up their good looks on the Versace runway, a stage full of multiple generations of beautiful, powerful women, caused this a public outpouring of admiration. It is doubtful Donnatella knowingly aimed to make a statement regarding inclusion, one not just of race but of age, but many stood to applause and honor it.

Other brands ought to take note. Just as age doesn’t dictate style, the runways shouldn't dictate a vision of beauty that is solely focused on youth. #ManhattanMinds only hopes that next fashion show season, more designers in #Fall2018 will be honoring their customer. Paying more than just a token tribute to the beauty of many ages and colors to wear their style. 

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