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NYFW Fall 2019 Best Beauty Trends

NYFW Fall 2019 Best Beauty Trends

New York Fashion Week is over and most of the fashion parading down the runway won't be available for months to come. But that's not true for beauty style! You don't have to wait until the designs are in the stores to add a little Fall 2019 runway pizzazz to your Spring 2019 look.

Glossy hair is not exactly be a new beauty trend.

What IS new is that it came on ultra strong this NYFW in the form of graphic, wet looks. Models were made to look like they went from pool to runway. Slicked back hair, coated in product, featured dramatic hair parts with 90 degree angles and zig zag styles.

Makeup featured high-gloss lips so shiny they practically refract light.

Fall 2019 beauty style amped up its dewy trend to deliver downright dripping wet looks. Skin shined and shimmered with oily highlights around cheek bones and eyes.

The cat eyes trend also graduated.

In one show, a makeup artist took it to the next level tracing a slim white and black line under each model's eye, beginning from the eye's inner corder and extending out. Another artist drew just one thick black line underneath the eyes and flicked it up and out, to a form a sharp point.

Great news is NYFW Fall 2019 beauty trends don't require a whole new makeup collection.

Black kohl liner is an old friend to every KIERIN NYC Nitro Noir woman (or man) and can achieve either these looks. Backstage I even saw one artist use his liner to make an L-shaped hair part before slapping on some gel to immobilize this creation. Eyeliner has always been, and seems always will be, an indispensable beauty tool. (SHOP KIERIN NYC at

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