Recording Artist, CARSON, TALKS: on Music and Performance

At just 22 years old, recording artist and producer CARSON is wise beyond his years. Confident, talented, and grateful for all he’s achieved, the musician is set to take the stage at The Bowery Electric on April 9. Elizabeth Hazard interviews Carson for blog Manhattan Minds is an inspired blog founded by Mona Maine de Biran on New York City Art, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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Delphine Diallo: Flora, Fauna and Forms

Original Work by Delphine Diallo. Blog on Delphine Diallo: Flora, Fauna and Forms by author Elizabeth Hazard. Brooklyn-based French and Senegalese artist Delphine Diallo makes her solo exhibition debut this week at The Quin Central Park by Hilton Club. The exhibit highlights Diallo's beautiful and powerful portrait photography the artist has taken throughout her international travels.

As an artist who strives to empower activism, especially in women, she captures beauty, youth, minorities and nature through her photography.

This marks the first exhibit of the year for Quin Arts, an organization showcasing cultural exhibits in the hotel's lobby throughout the year. This is one powerful showcase not to be missed. The exhibition is up through early May, 2019 and is free to the public, on view in the lobby and public areas of The Quin Central Park by Hilton Club, with details at

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Manhattan Minds is an inspired blog on New York City Art, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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Author: Elizabeth Hazard

Elizabeth Hazard is a creative director, producer and writer with several years of experience producing content for magazines, websites, brands and artists. Liz has worked with some of the most accomplished talents in the industry to conceive, develop and produce photos, videos and written work. A published author, she frequently writes about fashion, art and cultural topics for websites and publications. She also holds a certificate in curating from Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Germany.

Sustainability in Beauty: Naturals vs. Synthetics

Mona Maine de Biran is quoted in a March 2019 of Glamour (UK edition) in an article on sustainability in beauty. “The dynamic of taking and not giving back needs to change. Right now there is a lot of irresponsible activity in perfumery, from deforestation to river pollution.”

Instagram Sensation, Mr. Cologne TALKS: on Fragrance & Family

Where fragrance meets art. Celebrated Instagram fragrance reviewer Mr. Cologne talks with Mona Maine de Biran of Manhattan Minds. Mr. Cologne is the largest Instagram fragrance forum for “Ordinary people discovering extraordinary fragrances”. He seeks out and explores the qualities of niche brands like: KIERIN NYC, Imaginary Authors, Byron Parfums and dozens of other leading niche fragrance houses.

Circularity: The Best New Trend in Fashion

Much of the news to come out of New York Fashion Week was the return of the lady. This is a lady who has lunch at a farm-to-table, ethnic-mashup counter on the far west and east edges of the city, though, not the white-glove Midtown brasserie.

Fashion brands such as Oscar de la RentaCarolina Herrera and Escada, which have long been associated with polish and sophistication came out roaring with new designers, who all seemed to share an ethos with their founders – but they put their clothes squarely in today. Most of the trends were 90 percent expected or at least safe. There was about 10 percent that were a look that’s not been worn before.

Some of my personal faves were the foretold in the street style of celebs and influencers attending the shows, like beauty Kelly Rowland and her multicolored striped sweater dress and the sublime Caroline Daur in her neon windbreaker and the recently controversial, yet still, inspirational Kendal Jenner in her vintage-T and red leopard pants. The perfect match in fragrance for this season’s fashion statements is KIERIN NYC with its bold, colorful collection of premium eau de parfums available at an affordable price. My favorite being Sunday Brunch, a unique, citrusy and cheerful scent celebrating the real lifestyle of NYC.

INVITATION: Maro Santini "Love Is...." (Jan 26th)

Editorial Credit: Liz Hazard at

Photo Credit: Marco Santini at

Marco Santini is a NYC-based street artist and photographer who draws inspiration from urban landscapes, graffiti and the organic cycle of regeneration that the City offers on a daily basis.

Doing Lines with David Craig Ellis 

DAVID CRAIG ELLIS. Canadian born artist and Sagittarius. Since the early 90s Ellis has been involved in the downtown art scene, working and showing at Gallery Stendhal on West Broadway in Soho. Ellis' paintings and photographs hung in group shows alongside Ronnie Cutrone, Artfux, Ron English, Mark Kostabi, and Rick Prol. As a successful commercial artist, Ellis has designed album covers and countless logos for bands,  pizzerias, mobbed-up garbage companies and trucking outfits (the IdleAir logo can be seen on hats, t-shirts, billboards and truck stops across the country). David Craig Ellis currently works out of his studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn.